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Congratulations Mr. President…NUFF SAID!

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Teaser for “I.G.L.E.A.^R.E.” “The Recruitment”

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The Cadillac Phantom, street to air luxury limousine entered into an underground garage.Image “Where am I, How is this happening? What’s happening?”Moving straight to the conference room, via androidian escort, Palmer noticed that the walls were what looked to be Italian white marble with classic twentieth century Lyric Original Optipictual art hanging from three of the walls. This tied all of the décor together perfectly. The huge picture window draped in royal blue silk curtains and the soft pastel blue, pink, green and brown carpet made you feel as though you were floating on a cloud as you walked on it. The set up in the room is buffet style with android servants making everything ever so perfect for the former president.

As Palmer sits at the table, mind foggy but clearing, reflects on what is happening to him. “I just don’t understand this…Have I been abducted? Yeah, I’ve been abducted…I don’t remember coming of my own free will, but I don’t remember putting up a fight either. I don’t know how they got past my secret service detail? And who are they? I don’t even know how I got here, its hazy. A car! I remember riding in a car. Am I dreaming this? Palmer pinches himself and winced at the slight pain knowing that if he were asleep it would be enough to wake him up. I’m in the fucking twilight zone! Chaitanobi wouldn’t have done this, he would have called or …” Just then a tall, slender, very elegant and striking woman enters the room. Palmer is staring at her recording every physical detail of her in his hazy brain. He thought that she must be ugly because of his altered state. But the fog was lifting. This woman, with her chiseled cheek bones, perfectly high on her face and full lips seemed like a dream. Her brown with a hint of olive complexion was flawless. Her nails perfectly manicured with a tastefully light color of lavender polish on them. Her hair was cut short, faded on the sides and tapered at the nape. The top of her hair fell back in waves. Her hairline perfectly framed her face. “Wow, Palmer thought to himself. I must have died and gone to Heaven. What does she have on? Is she in silk pajamas or a silk suit? That’s different.” Palmer stands and the woman extended her hand and Palmer took it, just to touch her.

“Good morning Mr. President, I’m Wilemeana Bast. I want to thank you for meeting me on such short notice and in this unconventional way. I apologize but it has to be this way for my own security.”

“Well Ms. Bast, it didn’t seem that I had much choice in the matter now did I? What is this about? You just don’t do things in this manner. You should make an appointment with me like everyone else. I really don’t know who in hell you think you are?”

“Mr. President, are you quite finished? She said in a low even tone. If you aren’t, I can wait until you are finished complaining like a peevish little woman or we can get to the reason you are here. Let me know.” She paused…

Palmer just looked at her, somewhat amused. “You really have a lot of nerve!”

“So I’ve been told. Ms. Bast begins to smile. I have arranged breakfast for us. Have whatever you like.” Ms. Bast gestured toward the buffet.

“I’m not hungry!” retorted Palmer. Ms. Bast eyes narrowed as she pressed her lips.

“Okay, well then, have a seat, Ms. Bast gestured to the chair across from her. Mr. President you seem to have been having a very controversial couple of years since the establishment of Rare Earth and its membership into the Alliance. There are many people in this country that blame you for the Alien invasion, because it happened on your watch. But we both know that’s bullshit!”

“The ET’s have been here long before I became president. I know that would be hard to prove, but I believe it to be true! During the invasion I was trying to win a war that one, initially didn’t have anything to do with the people of earth and two, a war we couldn’t have won anyway on our own or with the help of the Alliance. Well, we didn’t lose actually… but in the end we didn’t win. There were way too many casualties and we didn’t destroy the Spliftans or have them surrender to the Earth’s legal authority. But the Alliance has Kiragu Sarang aka Von Strader. She’s their leader. You know what they say, if you cut off the head of the snake the body will die. The good thing is that we don’t have to deal with the Spliftans anymore. For the record, I personally welcome all ET’s to this planet that come in peace and want to make Rare Earth a safe planet for all its inhabitants. I want this new planet to thrive. I’m glad that my final presidential act was to make Rare Earth part of the Federated Planetary Alliance.”

“I know this… and what a terrific sales job you did Sir! The other countries of earth followed your lead on this and Rare Earth is better for it. This is why I brought you here. Palmer looks at her with curiosity. He didn’t notice that the droid had placed a plate of bacon, eggs, a slice of toast and black coffee before him as he began to subconsciously eat, as he listened to Wilemeana Bast’s briefing. Mr. President, have you ever heard of the “B.A.A.”? This is the acronym for the Bureau of Alien Activities a secret society. Then there’s the Extraterrestrial Intelligence Bureau” Also, known as “E.I.B.”

“No I haven’t, who are they? Are they government sanctioned organizations?”

“No the Alliance wouldn’t sanction such organizations. My intelligence tells me that these organizations were both formed by G. Medgar Dyson, the former NSA Director. One group is to make things hard for ET’s and the other is to make things worse, maybe even murder them. I have no proof yet, but my Intel is getting close.

“You must have people on the inside?

“Yes I do.”

“But yeah, I know Dyson. He ate fifty yards of Von Strader’s bullshit and asked for fifty more. The sonava bitch! He kisses the ass of whomever he thinks he can gain a little political favor from.” Ms. Bast tilted her head as her eyes narrowed.

“I take it that you don’t much care for Mr. Dyson?”

“He made my job hell when he began working for the chairman. He let me know exactly what he thought of me when I was no longer his boss. The U.S. didn’t totally cave in to Von Strader’s take over, but at that time we were losing ground in both the House and the Senate for votes to stand clear of his New World Corporation’s “Global Society”. In the proposal the thing seemed perfect for the planet as a whole, from a Biblical, prophetic stand point. This was acceptable to the masses for the most part.
Its Interesting getting a whole country agree on something, let alone a whole planet or at least to consider the possibilities. I imagine that the U.S. would have given in if we weren’t distracted by the Spliftan invasion, which I consider somewhat a blessing in disguise.”

“Hmmm… Ms. Bast responded. That’s funny to me. The people wanted to follow Von Strader because they thought he was some kind of Messiah. This wasn’t you’re your fault. In fact I remember you resisting joining Von Strader’s camp. I believe he even tried to assassinate you and your wife was killed instead, though it couldn’t be proved. I know that he had everything to do with it. The truth is, If it weren’t for you and Chaitanobi, there wouldn’t be a Rare Earth and everyone would be dead. The planet earth would be a tragic memory.

“You know Uhri Chaitanobi?”

“Yes I do. He’s why I’m here. He is my boss. She paused to let that revelation soak in. Well, Mr. President, this would be a good time to segway into my proposition.”

“Chaitanobi must have tremendous faith in you. He paused, I’m listening.”

Ms. Bast took a seat across from the former president. The droid set a cup of coffee next to her. “Thank you Silas. Mr. President, The Supreme has tremendous faith in you as well, which brings me to my point. I’m putting together an independent branch of the Intergalactic Law Enforcement Agency here on Rare Earth. Their purpose will be to deal with intergalactic terrorism and intelligence so that nothing like the Spliftan War will ever happen again. Rare Earth needs this type of agency to protect its people. As the civil rights laws become more defined and equal between non- humans and humans the agency will help enforce them. The agency will be an equalizer between humans, non-humans and muta- humans. I want you to be IGLEA’s director. I know that you used to be the Director of the C.I.A. before you were Vice President, then President of the United States. Besides, you would have a boring life not working. You want to go back to work.”

“And how do you know all this Ms. Bast?” Palmer smiled.

“I’m as intuitive as they come!” She smiled.

“As long as IGLEA, is truly a fair authority. IGLEA will not become the Gestapo. If we live up to IGLEA’s true intent as it is on the rest of the planets of the Alliance, I don’t have a problem with it. The Alliance will give IGLEA the authority, Palmer thought out loud. Another thought quickly entered his mind…Tell me Ms. Bast, other than being a gazillionaire, why are you of all people involved with IGLEA?

“Well first of all Chaitanobi sent me here to recruit you. He believes that you are the perfect man for this position. If you refused the position he wouldn’t have made the offer to anyone else. It was you or no one. I’m involved because Chaitanobi asked me to be.

“Chaitanobi would be my boss then?”

“No, Chaitanobi is my boss, I’m your boss and you are the boss of everyone else involved. I am Chaitanobi’s emissary here on Rare Earth. Talking to me is talking to him.”

“I see… I have a question that’s been on my mind for some time. Are you an ET?”

“What do you think I am? Do you think I’m extraterrestrial?”

“You look human to me. For all intents and purposes you are a citizen of the Alliance, it doesn’t matter who or what you are.”

“Very well said, that’s why I want you to meet with the United Congress of Rare Earth and sell the idea of having the Intergalactic Law Enforcement Agency to them.”

“You really have confidence in my ability to persuade. What if they refuse?”

“Mr. President, you could sell a blind man a flashlight and make him pay extra for the batteries! Ms. Bast retorted. Palmer Laughed. This will go down either way with, or without their consent. We were just extending them the courtesy of asking first.  So do you accept this position Mr. President?” Palmer looked at Ms. Bast long and hard.

“If I do that means you’ll have to stop calling me Mr. President.”

“I will call you Director Palmer, or Mr. Director, depending on my whim.”

“I have the authority to swear you in, if you accept?”

“I do accept Ms. Bast.” Ms. Bast gestures for Palmer to stand. She swears him in and gives him a special IGLEA Director’s badge in a wallet. The badge is holographic with gold metallic highlights. Next to the badge, there is a photo I.D.

To Be Continued…

© 2012 Taj Sonchai-I*G*L*E*A*^R.E.

News from Sci~Fi Talk

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George Newbern On Superman

by scifitalk


Where do you start as an actor when trying to create a voice for Superman?

GEORGE NEWBERN: I think you watch an actor like Jimmy Stewart in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington or It’s a Wonderful Life, and you try to find the humanity of an everyman like that. When I think of an All-American hero, I think of an actor in a role like that. And that’s what Superman really is – an American hero. Super powers are just ancillary. It’s that character, with all those principles and understanding, that’s who he is right there.

Are there any specific characteristics you believe are essential to the voice?

GEORGE NEWBERN:I think I tried to portray a sense of trust and power and charisma for Superman. I think that’s what we believe Superman is.

You had a guest role on Private Practiceopposite Tim Daly, the actor you replaced as Superman for the Justice League animated series. Did the commonality come up for discussion while you were on set?

GEORGE NEWBERN:We laughed about it. I said something like “Thanks for being busy,” and he asked if I was having fun with it. We didn’t really compare notes  … there was no secret handshake or anything. But there was an acknowledgment that we’re in an exclusive club.

Aside from Superman, do you have a favoriteDC Comics character?

GEORGE NEWBERN: I like Flash a lot. He cracks me up. And always has something to say. Plus Michael (Rosenbaum) is hysterical. But all of those actors on Justice League were terrific – a really great group of people. We had fun with the core cast in the old days. Susan (Eisenberg) and Michael and Carl (Lumbly) and the gang. Then we had these rotating guest casts as the seasons went on, and it was insane to see who would come through the door of the booth.  It was guys likeJohn Rhys-DaviesEd AsnerPowers Boothe, Mark Hamill. There were so many great actors. It was funny because I’d go to work on a TV series and I’d look at one of the series regulars and immediately realize, “Oh, he did a role on Justice League!” So it was fun. It was a lot like doing a little reader’s play every week.

What value do you see for comic books in society today?

GEORGE NEWBERN: I see value in comic books, especially in terms of graphic art. It’s sort of old school and I think it gives people something tangible. Kids are reading things like e-books, and people are starting to forget that reading can be held in your hand and seen and appreciated.

So there’s a tactile benefit to it. And the old style is a great way to tell a story. Things don’t have to be 3D or complicated. That’s where a comic book comes in – it’s a simple, 2D way to tell a story with great art and words. There’s a lot of value in that.

What are your children’s impressions of you voicing Superman?

GEORGE NEWBERN: Since I’ve been doing it so long, my two younger children, when they are asked, are quick to say, ‘My dad is Superman.” That’s the first thing they knew, the first thing they told the other kids at school. Forget about the other 93 things I’ve done. To them, the coolest thing I’ve ever done is to play Superman.

Special thanks to Gary Miereanu

Superman Vs Elite Clips

New DC Animated Film

Superman Vs The Elite Clip 1

First Clip

Thanks Tony!

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News from Sci~Fi Talk

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Transformers The Ride Opens

by scifitalk


Transformers™: The Ride-3D” based on the iconic brand from Hasbro and electrifying film franchise directed by Michael Bay, celebrated its premiere at Universal Studios HollywoodSM, as The Entertainment Capital of L.A SM. heralded the arrival of the first-ever, highly inventive theme park ride inspired by Hasbro’s pop culture TRANSFORMERS phenomenon.

Transformers: The Ride-3D” opens to the public on May 25, just in time for the Memorial Day weekend. In anticipation of the excitement, Universal Studios Hollywood will be extending its park hours on Saturday, May 26 through Monday, May 28, opening at 7:30 a.m. for early access to “Transformers: The Ride-3D” and the world-famous Studio Tour.

The high-profile premiere was attended by Universal Studios President and COO, Ron Meyer; Universal Studios Hollywood President, Larry Kurzweil; Universal Parks & Resort Chairman, Tom Williams, and NBCUniversalChief Executive Officer, Steve Burke. Also in attendance were Oscar®-winning filmmaker Steven Spielberg, “TRANSFORMERS” film star Glenn Morshower, who appears in the ride, Frank Welker, who voices the ride’s MEGATRON character and Peter Cullen, who voices the ride’s OPTIMUS PRIME character.

As Universal Studios Hollywood’s most ambitious ride ever, “Transformers: The Ride-3D” fuses original 3D-HD media, elaborate flight simulation technology and cutting edge special effects with spectacular action sequences and an inventive storyline to immerse guests in the action-packed world of TRANSFORMERS.

A technological achievement, this pulse-pounding breakthrough thrill-ride propels guests along 2,000 feet of ride track, where they are surrounded by 14 gigantic screens, many fully engulfing them at heights of 60 feet.

Helmed by a roster of Hollywood heavyweights, this monumental tour de force was a collaboration between, creative consultant and filmmaker Michael Bay, theOscar-winning technical luminaries at Industrial Light & Magic, the TRANSFORMERS brand stewards at Hasbro, Inc. and the award-winning, progressive and inspired minds at Universal Creative.

In the “TRANSFORMERS” movies, Earth’s humans are caught in the middle of an intergalactic war between alien robots, the heroic AUTOBOTS and the evil DECEPTICONS, that physically convert from common mechanical devices, such as cars, trucks and planes to robotic warriors.

Larry Kurzweil, President, Universal Studios Hollywood, said: “TRANSFORMERSrepresents a perfect match for our theme park: an exhilarating blockbuster, non-stop action and astonishing special effects. It has all the elements to become one of the world’s most dynamic theme park thrill rides and a centerpiece attraction at Universal Studios Hollywood.”

Mark Woodbury, President, Universal Creative, said: “We’ve pushed the boundaries of 3D, hyperrealism and immersive visual effects to transport our guests, physically and viscerally, into the world of TRANSFORMERS. Our collaboration with the immensely talented director Michael Bay as the ride’s Creative Consultant has been extraordinary. With his blockbuster film making capabilities, Universal Studios Hollywood has created an originalTRANSFORMERS story that taps into the real heart of these bigger-than-life characters and delivers an epic ride experience of a lifetime that will thrill guests from around the world.”

Transformers: The Ride–3D” was created under a license agreement from Hasbro, Inc. to Universal Parks & Resorts.


Transformers The Ride Sizzle Reel
Thanks Tony!


Y writer 5

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Ohlum Locati!

I just discovered a new and free software for authors and writers 

I might have mentioned this before, but I think that all writers and authors should check this out…

This Writing software program is called “yWriter 5″ Some of you may have heard of it. I recently discovered it and I love it! It was developed and created by this guy named Simon Haynes. Apparently he’s an author himself and he has a science fiction series called “Hal Space Jock ”  .

I hadn’t read any of the series just yet, but I’m kinda intrigued by Mr. Haynes and his amazing skills.  He’s a computer programmer turned author and he’s giving away his writing software for free. You are also urged to make a donation to his cause if you feel so ablieged, which I think is an honorable thing to do.

What this software has done for me is help me get to know my characters better, it helped me to break down the big picture of my ideas, my concepts and refine them to help the reader follow the story better. I’ve  always said that writing a book for me is like playing out a movie in my head and writing it down so the reader can share the ride with me. This software program will help you do just that.  AMAZING!  KUDOS Mr. Haynes!      


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Ohlum Locati~

“The Black Mau Chronicles” is writing itself again and I’m so happy! I finally know what the character actually looks like. The characters are finally coming into their own. 12.12.12 the series will debut right here on Word Press!

Jing Dizon is back on board as an illustrator. I’m very happy about that. She had been ill for a while. I’m just glad she’s back in the game!

Locati Ohlum!

The Black Mau is Coming…..12.12.12.

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