About: Who is Taj Sonchai and why should I care?

            Taj Sonchai’s

The BLack Mau Chronicles

About me:
I’m just a simple Buddhist man with a child’s heart and imagination. I appreciate the real heroes of the world like President Obama, Daisaku Ikeda, Dr. M.L. King, Gandhi and Muhammad Ali, especially Ali. He is a rebel much like me, but this thing isn’t about Ali, It’s about me. OK… I’m from Ft. Worth, Texas and like I said, I have a child’s imagination. I have a real passion for the heroes that live in my head. This allows me to escape to a place in my head that I call my “Fantasy Palace”. In this place I’ve created a world with some pretty colorful characters. I guess that you can say that they’re my friends, the antagonist and the protagonist both. In this world is where I find myself somewhat normal (Whatever that means). This world is the Federated Planetary Alliance. It is where the McCaine family resides for the most part when they’re not on Earth or “Rare Earth” as it is now called since Earth, the planet as we know it was destroyed in the Spliftan War.

I write as a conduit for creation. I’m such a creative being that if I couldn’t write or create music, I’d have no reason to exist. People who aren’t artists don’t always relate. Their reality is usually just Black and white. In the world of the creative we dwell in all shades of gray and everything in between. Mankind is creating all of the time from creating babies to machines to art. I create as a form of art. God is the creator of creation and all things. In my world of Science Fiction, I create worlds, dilemmas, catastrophes, harmony and bliss. This is the closest I’ll ever come to being God. In my eyes to emulate him as a creator is the ultimate form of worship.



5 Responses to “About: Who is Taj Sonchai and why should I care?”

  1. Greetings,
    We think your blog is Awesome, keep up the excellent work!

  2. I love the artwork on this site – totally cool !

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