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A Diary Page from The Black Mau Chronicles: New World Order Coming 12-12-12

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 The Viscera battle seemed            endless in San Francisco. I hear it’s just as bad or worse in other parts of the country, the world for that matter. The Pack even had to blow the Golden Gate Bridge to help control the Viscera infestation, keep them across the bay. But they have boats and air vehicles. Between the military and guerrilla groups like ours “The Pack of Wolves”, commonly referred to as “The Pack”, we keep them under control, so far.
We are down to Ham Radio communication. There are no broadcasts anymore, no television or radio. But people still tried to maintain and hold on to as much of whatever normal is as possible. Even though one dead Viscera brought two more it seems. The dead walkers would bite someone or scratch someone and they’d become Viscera. The good thing is we are clearing out the dead walkers in the city or as Sarang calls them, Spliftan Nanites. We just call them all V Heads. We just have the Viscera for the most part now. There is a big difference between the Dead Walkers and what we now classify as V Heads. We figured out that the Dead Walkers were basically designed to breed by bitting humans or the scratch. The nanites get in the blood stream and you become one, if you aren’t eaten. And from my experience are as dumb as dirt. But they are the catalyst for something worse. The second generation V heads were born to kill. They’re smart and they are resourceful. They’re like fighting vampires or zombies with intellect. They feed on the warm flesh of humans. Their thing is the appetite for human intestines. I don’t know why that is, that particular part of the body. But they seem to wash that down with spinal fluid and treat our blood like it’s gravy.
They have their clans. The biggest clan in the city was lead by a man named Mokatari, Doctor Jiles Mokatari Ph.d. He was a college professor from Africa, Ghana I think. He taught at the University of San Francisco. Mokatari is a very smart and industrious V head. He has them organized. That’s why he has the biggest clan. Mokatari is King. (From the diary of Dr. Roi Sungari,MD)

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