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The Black Mau Chronicles: “The Sting” and “Origins”

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Ohlum Locati!

I combined two full stories into one. Part one is a narrative leading into a story told by the Black Mau himself. Enjoy!

This is just a teaser (short) for what is to come.

      The Black Mau Chronicles:
(by Taj Sonchai)

© 2011 Taj Sonchai-The Black Mau Chronicles:


                                         Part 1/ “The Sting”

 Huge palm trees all props for the stage event in the concert round for Interplanetary recording artist “ Dalziel the Mystique”.  “The Paradise Moon Tour” “Paradise Moon” is the title of her new Music digi-chip that is all the rave. It is also the title of the sound track for her new motion picture, for which she is nominated for the Academy Award in “Best Actor Female” category. This show brings the moon to you with such beautiful accents. LA’s Silicone Valley Coliseum is sold out to an audience of 30,000 fans, for what was to be the last night of a three night stint. The night was clear and the stars were like a sequined fabric across the valley sky, which is rare in Los Angeles.

The crowd is screaming so loud that the music is hard to hear. At the climax of the evening Dalziel, talks about a song that was written by a dear friend, Grammy Award winning singer/songwriter Kehri Spice when “Kehri was going through a rough time in her life experimenting with drugs. She was hooked on “SEX”. The audience began to cheer. Not the act of but the drug.” Dalziel clarified, as the crowd cheered and screamed… The down fall to this drug is that you will bleed out when you over dose. You’ll experience the ultimate euphoric state one minute then you’ll be ejaculating blood the next, she pauses, until your heart stops. The running joke at the medical examiner’s office was that the people who over dosed from this lethal intravenous poison is that they “Cum” and “Go” at the same time. This is nasty stuff. This song is about having a friend get you through the hard times, tough love and all. Here’s “Lean”…

Dalziel finished her song “Lean”. Then she said “The world is such a crazy place. If you want to change it, as Gandhi said “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” The crowd cheered and the band and the backup singers broke into “Yea, make that change…” the ending vamp on the 20th century recording artist Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror”.”You’re a most beautiful audience…thank you and good night!” Dalziel is cloaked by a stage assistant in her trademarked hooded velvet purple and white caftan robe and she turns her back to the audience and raises her hands to the air.

A huge cloud forms in the clear night sky. The band and singers are still vamping on the chorus “Make that Change…Man in the Mirror.” Out of the huge cloud appears a white space craft illuminated with cobalt blue and red lights flashing at random the crowd cheers even louder. As the craft hovers over the open stage, a door slides open under the craft and a beam of white light shines down directly on Dalziel as she sways to the music. She turns to face the audience. The cheers are even louder, deafening, the music is still in the vamp. Dalziel is lifted into the light higher and higher until the audience sees her fade into the white light. The lights on the craft flash faster and faster at random and then the craft zooms off away from the coliseum. An explosion in the sky, fireworks in a multitude of colors then there is a message illuminated across the open night sky and it says “DALZIEL HAS ENTERED THE COSMOS!” as the final musical chorus rings… Change…Make that Change.” This indeed was one of Dalziel’s greatest Illusions.

Dalziel is actually escorted from the backstage area by her personal bodyguard and is greeted by the security the venue hired. Some were private security and off duty cops. All OK’d through Roi, her personal bodyguard and chief of security.

Dalziel was escorted through a corridor to an elevator which took her down to the underground parking garage, where her limousine was waiting. When the elevator door opened to the garage, Dalziel could see that her car was about twenty yards away. The fans were behind barricades screaming “Dalziel I love you!” some guys and women the like shouted “Dalziel will you marry MEEEE?” PLEEZE! I wanna have your baby!” said one obsessed T-Girl. “Skip her nonsense, will you have my baby!” another man yelled!” The fans were so lively with the anticipation of seeing their favorite entertainer. Event security knowing this pathway should have been cleared of people, especially with recent events occurring with music’s most popular stars. Roi was pissed that the ball had been dropped. He knew that it wasn’t by his doing, but he just figured out who did drop the ball. Roi called on his radio. “Diane, have you seen Fonteyn?”  Over, squawk….

“No Sir, I think I last saw him with the caterers. He’s trying to take some of the leftover food home.”  Over, squawk…

“I copy… The man should have had this pathway cleared under the coliseum. No people should be down here. You tell that fat bastard his ass is mine when I see him!”…Squawk…

“I copy, but Boss are you sure, I wouldn’t want that fat, stank…Squawk…

“Diane, spare me the visual. You know what I meant.” Squawk…

“I gotcha,  I’ll pass the word.

“One uniformed police officer said to Dalziel, “These folks are quite lively tonight!”  She replied, “I’m used to it. They’re just having fun!”

“Dalziel, will you sign a few autographs for us before you go pleeeeze?” a female fan shouts out to Dalziel. Roi, her head of security looks at her anxiously. “No Dalziel, we really don’t have time, let’s just get to the car and get you to the hotel. It’s a frigg’n full moon tonight and I’m not leaving anything to chance.” Roi said.

“Roi, come on I can sign a few can’t I?”

“OOOOooh… Okay, now you’re trying to be funny. Okay, I’ll roll with the scenario, he paused, NO! Because if you sign just a few you’ll want to sign em all and we have to get you outta here. You have people waiting for you at your suite. Let’s not be late!” he said shouting over the screams of the crowd. Suddenly without notice a dark hooded figure appeared as the entourage made a clear opening to allow the door to the stretched street to air limousine to be opened. The assailant rushed through the opening and said “Time to die BITCH!” and a gun was drawn ….The seconds… on one hand seemed to slow down to a standstill. Before anyone could realize what was happening the micron 327 stunner pistol was aimed at songstress “Dalziel the Mystique”.

A gloved hand jetted out at blinding speed from Dalziel’s cloak and snatched the assailant’s gun from his hand. The individual was then grabbed by the same hand minus the pistol, grabbed him by the hood and threw him to the ground and Dalziel’s security swarmed on him like angry bees and had him apprehended and cuffed. He began to scream, as he was on the ground fighting to break free. The FBI posing as body guards for Dalziel and Los Angeles Police and Security have the assailant in custody.

“Surprise we gotcha now! Look who this is…… Swann James, one of Spoon Phillip’s cronies. Standing him on his feet, James then looked into the eyes of the person under Dalziel’s hooded cloak, with such perplexity and said “You’re not her… You’re not “The Mystique” … What kind of freak are you Bitch? He saw the feline features of the Mauyun Warrior.

“I’m your worst nightmare! I got your bitch, as she grabs him by his hoodie and pulls him up to her face. He writhed in pain. Take a good look at me. You are soooo lucky that I don’t pluck your killer’s eyes out and skull fock you to death…with your own cock! Then she decked him. Get this punk ass piece of shit out of my sight!”…NEWS FLASH!

“We Interrupt This Program to Bring You This Special News Bulletin from S.N.N. “The Satellite News Network”  

“Label X Records” the recording industry’s record label of death, as it has now been dubbed, has just been exposed to be the crime syndicate behind the assassinations of some of today’s most popular music artist. Thus far the count has been five of the recording industry’s most loved artists. Country music sensation “Twila Hite”, “Nelson Ferrick” of the mech-rock band “Grey Ship Daviz”, rap star “The Pimp”, another hip hop/rap star J. Diggs and El Diablo’s lead singer and guitarist “Yareal Beotch”, whose name is said to have fit her reputation!

“The latest attempt was this evening when a concerted effort by the FBI, LA Police and Security Agency thwarted an attempt on the life of singing and film sensation Dalziel “The Mystique”. This sting operation exposed Label X’s CEO and President Spoon Phillips as the master mind behind the scheme to inherit the publishing catalogs and other residual income from these slain recording stars. Phillips was arrested along with his assistant and three of his body guards. The gunman identified as Swann James, was arrested this evening for the attempted assassination of the entertainer. Dalziel’s “Paradise Moon Tour” has been postponed until further notice despite the rumors of added concert dates.

The police sting went off without a hitch with a police decoy posing as “The Mystique” apprehended James. The potential assailant is in custody at the Los Angeles Police and Security’s Central Command Center.

Part 2/ “Origins”:

Dalziel, sitting on the couch wearing her purple satin robe, in her hotel suite watching the news broadcast on halo screen. “Little do they know… the power of The Mystique?” said The Black Mau, standing next to her, watching the halo screen attentively.

“I guess not.” Dalziel replied. So…you are actually a visitor from another galaxy?” asked Dalziel in disbelief. “I mean, I know that we have off planet resorts and new cities here in the realm of Earth’s galaxy, but we’ve never encountered alien beings before.

“You may have and not known it at the time.” snapped Black Mau. Dalziel was so over whelmed with just meeting the Black Mau. She was thinking this must be what it feels like when one of my fans meets me for the first time.

“How many of you are here? Dalziel inquired.

“That is classified, but I will say more than you think… including you! Dalziel’s eyes widened in surprise, then narrowed. “How did you…”

“We have your file.” said Black Mau. Dalziel surprised, looked at him intently, then ran her fingers through her thick mane of black hair as she began to pace. “Why are you here?” Dalziel asked, as she sat back down.

“Ms. Rand…”

“Call me Dalziel, please.”

“Dalziel, Its complicated.” replied Black Mau.

“I know that you weren’t here just to save me from Spoon Phillips. Yah know this is the second time I had a so called brush with death. The first time was when I was about to graduate from college. I was abducted by a pack of wolves, Lukosanthropos actually.”

“You mean Werewolves? That’s folk lore.”

“Yeah, for a long time people thought that E.T.’s were only in the movies too! Now that you know the truth about me being an E.T., I come from a planet called Akashkapur, as you probably already know, since you have this file on me. I don’t really remember it, my home. I was saved by Roi. He’s my “Sungari”, “my watcher”. He takes good care of me. I’m sure he is the one who got you involved in thwarting my little assassination situation…On my planet I was considered royalty. Our planet was destroyed by the Spliftans. Somehow they made our people turn on themselves. Roi got us off that planet and trekked us to earth because we could pass for human. I was raised as a human, but I always knew that I was different.”

“Is that how you are able to do some of your illusions? Some of those illusions aren’t really illusions at all! Are they?” Mau inquired.

“Hey Man, a girl’s gotta make a living, yah know! Tell me, do you have some kind of mother ship?” asked Dalziel. Black Mau began to chuckle a bit as he watched Dalziel try to absorb and process this information.

“Sure, how do you think I got here?”

“There are more things between Heaven and Earth…”

“Shakespeare, Mau paused hmmm! Excuse me,  may I use your facilities?” Black Mau asked.

“My facilities…. Dalziel mimicked. You mean the bathroom? Go ahead, but I don’t have a litter box in there.” Dalziel said teasingly. Black Mau without saying a word began to rub his fore head with his middle digit and quietly walked down the hall to the restroom.

“OH NO YOU DIDN’T JUST FLIP ME THE BIRD!…OKAY I SEE HOW YOU ARE!” She began to laugh. When he came out of the bathroom, Dalziel asked… “Tell me how you do the amazing things you do?”

“Girl, you are the one who’s amazing! How do you do the amazing things you do? You create some of the most amazing non- illusions, I guess…that I have ever seen. Like when you rode that motor cycle up Sears Tower in Chicago, to the top of the building. Then to make the show even better, you can sing and play guitar like nobody’s business! Girrrl you …you…Mau pointing his gloved index finger at her, there are no words to describe “Dalziel the Mystique”.

“Actually what I do is easier than you think. It’s just a process of thinking and feeling. It’s   almost as simple as breathing, but what YOU do she paused, saving lives and all. How did you learn what to do and when to do it?”

“Mauyun training, Mauyun, translated means “Dance of the Cat”, but it’s much more than the translation implies. The art of Mauyun is making internal and external energy one and being able to control it. The “Dance of the Cat” comes from the fighting style of Mauyun.”  Black Mau explained.

“Kind of like… Use the Force Luke,” she mimicked.

“What?” Black Mau responded.

“To be supposedly so technologically advanced, you don’t know shit about the arts and entertainment on Earth. I’m supposedly the biggest entertainer on the planet or off the planet for that matter according to the press and you have never heard of me until a few days ago when Roi got you involved with us. Do people listen to music where you come from?”

“Yes,” Mau replied.

“Where do you come from anyway?” asked Dalziel.

“The Federated Planetary Alliance, planet Ajna, City of Myurr. To be truthful, my sister and I were born here in Los Angeles, but raised on Ajna.” said Mau.

“Do you believe in God?”

“That’s a good question,” Black Mau replied. “To answer it, yes, I do believe in a higher entity from which all things are governed, or to put it more accurately, I believe in a higher law that governs all things. The laws are perfect laws, which create a perfect function of the physical world. We have deities that are representative of these laws.”

“I totally know what you’re talking about. In mastering these laws you become them.”

“Absolutely. Since my time here on this planet, I’ve noticed the people of Earth aren’t as open to the realities of the Universal Laws and truths. That concept doesn’t fit into their reality at this point in time. The people here would rather put all their faith into an external being to hold all of the answers for them, when the answers are within all along. Sure, one needs guidance in these matters from mentors who are advanced and more experienced, for that’s their purpose.

To follow a man like Von Strader for example, because he truly isn’t what he appears to be. He takes advantage of people’s innate need to believe in something much larger than themselves. He tried to distort their faith. Even the story teller Jesus always spoke of his father’s kingdom and he was teaching how to travel the road to get there. Teaching about what you have to do from within yourself in order for things to change externally. He used the term being Reborn. Your Buddhist use the term Enlightenment. We use the term Locati^nas, which means to be awakened in the Myurrian dialect. Everything comes from within. On a global scale to make change it has to be a collective effort to make the difference. Everyone has to work together in one spiritual consciousness, no matter how you practice in order for change to be made,” Mau said.

Dalziel smiled at Black Mau while pouring a drink of lemon water. “Would you like some?”  Black Mau nodded.

“Let me tell you a story, the story of my bloodline and somewhat, the history of my people, my ancestry. A very, very long time ago on a lone and transitory planet called Ajna, my planet, a beautiful planet of red, yellow and blue, really not too much different from Earth. Black Mau thought out loud.

In the city of Myurr lived a man named Ra’ez. He was a tall, strong and fearless. He was warrior, very charismatic in form and in nature. In battle he helped win many territories for the city of Myurr. Cities became powerful back then by conquering other cities and sectors. Just the same as on earth during the time of the Roman Empire. Like Rome, Myurr became the most powerful city on the planet of Ajna. The first ruler of Myurr was Kwa Archavachotikul, also known as “Kwa Archavac the Merciless”. He had a very dark soul. Ra’ez didn’t like Archavachotikul and the Kwa didn’t like Ra’ez. But the Kwa knew that Ra’ez was his best warrior and needed him when it came time to battle. Ra’ez was the only man that could show Archavachotikul blatant disrespect and not be killed for it. Kwa Archavac hated him for it. The people of the city loved Ra’ez. Ra’ez was a hero and a legend.

Don’t get me wrong, the Kwa was law and this man wielded power and used it very self- servingly, simply to acquire even more power.

“What’s the Kwa?” asked Dalziel.

“Kwa” is the Ajnaese word for “Ruler”, “King” or “Emperor”. So one day Ra’ez is approached by a senator of Myurr named Patriza Olexy. Olexy and some other men in the senate met with Ra’ez and talked with him about becoming the new Kwa of Myurr and that there was a plot to kill Archavachotikul at the “Combat Royal” an event of pugilism unto the death. To make a long story short, the plot succeeded and Ra’ez became Kwa.

Ra’ez believed in the power of technology, alchemy, mysticism and science. His vision was to combine the spiritual, the physical and the metaphysical. He recruited the best scientist, engineers, alchemist, spiritualist and mystics on the planet. He encouraged them to find the secrets of the Universe physical, metaphysical and spiritual. Over the years Myurr went from being a primitive city of the dark ages to a very technologically advanced city of the future. It was dubbed the “City of all Cities”. They had vehicles and highways and airways, huge buildings that reached into the sky, advanced agriculture and computers. The scientist developed and discovered various forms of energy. The alchemist created ways to make unbelievable metals and steel from wood and other organic objects. They could turn base metals into gold, silver and platinum. The engineers built amazing machines for various purposes. The architects designed the look of the new cities and they were built. Imagine ancient Egypt as a modern city. Science and metaphysics together discovered what they call the “Neo-Genesis Theorem”, how to create life.

“You can create life?” asked Dalziel in amazement. “I can’t personally, but Ajna’s scientist and metaphysicist have developed the technology to do so” Mau replied.

The weapons of war became advanced beyond reason and they even began to explore the science of genetics as a means of making the Myurrian’s race superior.

Kwa Ra’ez became a greedy man over the years and wanted to become Kwa of Ajna, the Universe… and he imposed his will over the entire planet and it was so. Ra’ez had many children with many of Myurr’s most beautiful women, but specifically, he had a daughter who was most beautiful. Her name was Ja’uton Bastet. After she was born he named a village near Myurr after her. “Ja’uton”, which in the Ajnaese language means “most beloved” or “most precious”. Ra’ez wanted volunteers for some experiments to genetically enhance a soldier’s performance in battle. Some men volunteered and died during the procedures. Then Ra’ez ordered that young men be taken from their homes to be sacrificed for the common good of Ajna. The people turned against Ra’ez, but Ra’ez wishes were law.

A young boy named Mau Jabari, my name sake, “Mau” which means “Cat” and the future

Founder of the Mauist religion, was abducted. His parents and other family members fought the soldiers, who invaded their home, but they were killed and young Mau was taken. It is written that young Mau had gone through several of the experiments favorably, meaning that he was still alive when completed. Then something changed in him. He transformed into a cat like beast. His mane was long thick and was in dark waves, shoulder length. He was strong and well defined like the lion warrior and God he became. Mau internally felt his senses heighten, he could feel his power. The acuity of all of his senses became so much sharper and clear. A boy also became a man that day.

When Ra’ez saw the beast he wanted him put to death, though he believed that the scientist were on the right path to some amazing discoveries. Ra’ez considered this result a positive failure.

Ra’ez, the ruler of Ajna saw Mau, as and dubbed him “The Beast of Ajna”. Ra’ez considered Mau an experiment that went wrong. He felt that the scientist who created this horrid mistake should destroy him expeditiously! Mau shrewdly escaped from their custody and hid under ground in the deep forest. Mau’s procedure was an experiment done with cat DNA and other animals to sharpen the senses.”

“You have cats on your planet?” asked Dalziel. “Sure, dogs too, that’s how they got to Earth…. from Ajna. We are the true ancestors of humans of mankind. I’m pretty sure that we are the ancestors of Akashkapurians too.” confirmed Black Mau.

“WHOA!” exclaimed Dalziel.

“Just let me finish the story, I’m on a roll here! Anyway, the intention was to make the Ajnaese army become faster, stronger and better hunters and trackers of their enemies by using their senses.

Ja’uton heard of this beast, but never believed that her father was responsible for such treacherous things. Ja’uton was sheltered from her father’s business and one day over heard some guards talking about the experiments the Kwa ordered. Despite the warning of her father about going outside the palace, curiosity got the better of her and she’d sneak off to find out about the Beast of Ajna. Though she was afraid, she wanted to see what her father had done to these people first hand, especially this cat beast. Ja’uton wanted to make amends and restitution to these victims if possible? She would have used her own money, given them all of it if need be.

One day while on her secret expedition deep in the jungle to find Jabari, the Kwarina was attacked by a tribe of Puguglis, another failed experiment attempt of mutated people of Myurr that escaped death and lived in the forest. Puguglis were mutated, hairy, extremely muscular men with warts on their faces and bodies, with a pungent body odor. They were grayish brown in color. It was said they had penises like tails. The Puguglis ran after Jauton.

“Whoa Man. You have got to be fucking kidding me,” exclaimed Dalziel. “Dicks like tails?” queried Dalziel. Black Mau looked at Dalziel grinning? “Never mind continue,” she urged.

The Puguglis would rape women and men then eat them. As a warning to others they would string their skulls and spinal columns together and hang them from the trees. The Puguglis were extremely fast runners and excellent hunters. They cornered and captured The Kwarina. Mau at this point is the Lisimba, a God from the “Realm of the Absolute”. He happened to see this and battled and defeated the tribe of Puguglis. He rescued Jauton from a painful and slow death. The thing is, while Ja’uton was trying to track Lisimba, Lisimba was actually tracking her.

Now this is the interesting part of the story…Ja’uton was afraid and in awe at the same time of Lisimba. He was beautiful, he was gentle, in a complete contrast to what she witness when he was engaged in battle and had a lion’s face. His hands were a man’s hands while at the same time like paws. He stood erect and walked like a man. But the most enchanting thing was his eyes. Ja’uton looked into his eyes and saw in his eyes the purity in his heart and soul. She fell in love with the Lisimba and the Lisimba fell in love with the evil ruler of Ajna’s daughter Ja’uton.

“Beauty and the frigg’n Beast,” right? Dalziel said.

“Purely coincidental, I assure you.” replied Black Mau.

When Mau took Ja’uton to her home at the palace, the despot ruler had the Lisimba imprisoned. Ja’uton was distraught and begged her father to release Mau and let him go back into the forest. Ra’ez refused! Her father, who dubbed Mau the “Beast of Ajna” didn’t want to have it lose in his city. He ordered Mau’s public execution three days after. So Ja’uton cunningly helped Mau escape and they both lived in the forest in the Jabbari’s underground compound. Ra’ez became furious and searched high and low through the forest for his daughter and the beast. They couldn’t be found.

“Three years pass, The Lisimba had many followers by then. They all have benefited from his teachings and sacred writings. Lisimba becomes known as the great healer and teacher of the people in the village. He was their protector for when Ra’ez’s soldiers came for guinea pigs to run Ra’ez’s experiments on. Like a thief in the night, Lisimba would rescue the victims, thwart the Kwa’s insidious plots and put such fear into the soldiers. They could hear his growls and his thunderous roar, but Mau was so fast when he attacked that the soldiers would be disarmed and down before they realized it. Then they’d run off.”

“A lot like you, huh?”

“Hmmm”, Black Mau thought. The Lisimba would never kill another being. He felt that all life should be respected. It is written that he said “Who am I to take that which I cannot replace.”

Through intense meditation and his connection to what he called “The All”, he learned the healing properties of herbs and could make medicines. During this time Mau was reaching a very high spiritual plane. He sought out the Puguglis and he healed them of their afflictions and they became normal men again. They also became disciples of The Lisimba. This was the beginning of “The Order of Secret Mau”. Ja’uton became the first master and teacher other than Lisimba. She was his partner in the running of the temple and in all life.

The Kwa’s army is great in number and Ra’ez sends troops out into the woods to kill Mau, Ja’uton and all who followed him. He wanted people to worship the “Golden Serpent God of Wisdom”. The Serpent God is all knowing and would bring to them the secrets of the Universe through devotion and worship.

“The Seven Day War” begins. The Lisimba’s army made of the some of the people of Myurr and the nearby village of Ja’uton. These are the people that turned against Ra’ez.

The people win the Great War. This war lasted seven days and was fought and won without any deaths. That’s right! No one was killed. This was a war of spiritual proportions.”

“How did they do that?” Dalziel asked in amazement.

“It is written as the power and will of The Lisimba”, there are no specifics written in the “Ozimek”. Further study states that there were injuries both minor to severe on both sides, but no one died in battle.

Lisimba dethrones Ra’ez and exiles him to the Ajnaese city of Chenoa. There Ra’ez lived in the mountain village until he died.  Lisimba appeals to all of Ajna that there is a better way to live. He says “We have the power to live in peace together, because we are all the same. We are life and we are all connected. We breathe the same air we share the same beautiful planet. Let’s not destroy it because it is really not ours to destroy. It has its own life. It lives and breathes. If a virus ravishes your body does that virus own you?  Antibodies are the guardians of your body and fight to protect you as we are only here as guardians of Ajna, its care takers. Anger, greed and delusion, is the disease that will destroy everything. We have the power to liberate ourselves from these things, this ill way of being and thinking”.

The people want to make Lisimba the new Kwa, but Lisimba refuses. He says “We don’t need to keep devouring and regurgitating the same spew we just threw up! If we as a people keep doing the same things we’ve always done we will end up with the same results.” He says that we are all equal and must live together in peace and in that peace… love one another as one. Rule ourselves with respect and responsibility. Take care of ourselves and each other. Lisimba says “Everything begins with a single thought. Thought is energy, so imagine what one mind and one consciousness of one people can do together. We are simply one.

“This is how it is written that the “Seven Day War” was won by The Lisimba’s army. It was a war of the mind. A war of the will.” said Black Mau.

Lisimba helps revised the government of Myurr and all the cities of Ajna and made it a government of the people.

Lisimba and Ja’uton have many children. Some of them inherited special gifts, others were just born normal. My family on my mother’s side, are direct descendents. The Lisimba obtains total spiritual enlightenment, becomes the Trismajistice, meaning three times grandmaster of the Universe and sets the Ajnaese scientist and alchemist on a metaphysical path in which techniques are learned to manipulate the physical.

Seven years to the day after the “Seven Day War” The Lisimba announces that the Realm of the Absolute has summoned him and that the people had everything needed for self discovery, enlightenment and that the Universal treasures are obtainable. They are laid out in his teachings and writings. He called these writings the “Ozimek Ibonok” Myurrian Ajnaese for (The Book of Universal Law and Truth). He said that from here is where it all will begin. It can also be where it all ends, the choice belongs to you.

A storm cloud hovered over the city and villages of Myurr. The people were about and they saw the Lisimba looking into the sky. The people asked Lisimba to speak with them. Lisimba’s last words to them were “I’ve said all that there is to be said. You have the key to all there is. It is finished. Where you as a people go from this point is up to you.”

The sky became dark as the rain began to fall. Thunder erupted and lightening struck. Lisimba once again looked into the sky and began to run into the rain toward the lightening. He ran erect on two legs as a man runs. The thunder clapped again and he ran on all four legs like a great cat of majesty. As the people of Myurr watched, they were in awe of his magnificence and beauty. He became through a shift of shape, a black majestic lion with a long flowing mane and tail flowing against the wind and rain.  Lightening struck and thunder clapped again as Lisimba changed from pure black to pure white within an instant. The people couldn’t believe what they were seeing. This was another divine experience and in the twenty five years Lisimba had shared with his disciples he had performed many.  The Lisimba expelled a thunderous roar and leaped into the lightning bolt as it met him head on. There was a loud boom of thunder and an electrical field spread across the city of Myurr as far and wide as one could see. The planet of Ajna was charged.  Everyone felt the energy of the shockwave. It knocked many of them off their feet. Then it was over… the clouds dissipated. The people were all looking around at one another. Some thought they heard a faint roar of the mighty “Beast of Ajna”, but weren’t sure?  Then the sun began to shine as quickly as it had been covered. The Lisimba was never seen again” Black Mau recited.

“What became of Ja’uton?” asked Dalziel asked.

Ja’uton went on to instruct the Lisimba’s philosophy and teachings until she joined her husband in the Realm. She was a priestess of the temple. There were many, many students, disciples and masters of the philosophy and or religion of Mauism. It grew to become what it is today on Ajna. There are a few practitioners on earth too I’ve found out, maybe a thousand or so?

Roi and two federal agents entered Dalziel’s suite. “The Label X murders are solved. Spoon Phillips is in custody along with the co-conspirators. It’s over Ms. Rand!” announced the lead FBI field agent.

“They may call you in to testify in fact I’m sure that they will. The D.A. or his A.D.A should be in touch with you in the next couple of days.” The other agent added. Dalziel began to scan the room and looked perplexed.

“Where did the Black Mau go? He was here just a second ago. Everyone is looking around the suite quite perplexedly as well. I guess that I’m not the only one who can do a great disappearing act.” Dalziel quipped…

Locati Ohlum!

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

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I found this spin on Abe Lincoln to be intriguing….

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