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4:31am The Black Mau Finally Has A Face

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Ohlum Locati~

4:31 am The shadowy figure known as the Black Mau in my world of Sci~Fi has eluded me for the past six years. I’ve only seen quick glimpses of him. He has always been in the dark until now.

I tried to sketch him, but he always came out reminding me of someone else or was never quite right. I started a sketch some months ago and his shadow appeared and it felt good. I looked at it and I said to myself “I know you’re there…I see you.” He just wouldn’t come into the light. That was about four months ago. Mau woke me up this moring and said to draw and then he came out of the darkness and said “Here I am. Now tell my story!”   This whole thing is a work in progress but I will deliver!

Locati Ohlum



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