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Kate Beckinsale Returns in ‘Underworld:

By: Mike Bracken on
August 18, 2011 at 12:10PM Comments (69)

It’s been a few years since we had a new Underworld flick (the last
was Underworld: Rise of the Lycans – which was a prequel with Rhona Mitra
taking over for Kate
), but apparently someone out there still likes these movies, so
here’s the first trailer for the latest installment, the imaginatively titled

If you’ve seen one Underworld film, you’ve basically seen them all –
and this newest entry looks to continue that trend. All the important points are
covered: everything shot with a hazy blue filter? Check. Kate Beckinsale in a
skintight black bodysuit? Check. Gibberish about Death Dealers and Lycans? You
betcha. Crazy The Matrix-esque action scenes? It’s in there.

We couldn’t even begin to guess how this film will perform at the box-office,
but if you held a stake to our heart and forced us to offer a prediction, we’d
say it will have a decent opening weekend and then head immediately to DVD.
We’ll see if our crystal ball was right when Awakening hits theaters
next January. Until then, enjoy ogling Beckinsale in her painted on catsuit in
the trailer.

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Ridley Scott to Produce and Direct New ‘Blade Runner’ Movie

By: Mike Bracken on
August 18, 2011 at 1:14PM Comments (12)

If sci-fi fans thought life couldn’t get any better when it was announced
that Ridley
would return to the Alien franchise with his new film Prometheus,
then today’s mega-news is something they’d better sit down to hear.

Scott, who’s apparently feeling a bit nostalgic lately, has committed to
producing and directing a new version of his film Blade
. The 1982 original, which featured Harrison Ford as a burnt out
Blade Runner tasked with tracking down escaped androids called Replicants, has
gone on to become a cult classic. Through the years, there’s been talk of a
sequel – but nothing’s come of it. We suspect that will change now that Scott is

Things are in the extremely early stages of development, which means there’s
no script or real story idea yet. No one knows if this will be a prequel, a
sequel, or some kind of remake or offshoot. Even if we did, that could easily
change – as is the case with Scott’s Prometheus, which began life as an
Alien prequel and is now being treated almost as an Alien
spinoff instead. That change occurred when writer Damon Lindelof met with
Scott and Fox brass and wowed them with his take on the material. The same thing
could happen with Blade Runner.

Without a script or story, it’s impossible to even guess if a new Blade
will feature the return of Harrison Ford’s Deckard or will move in a
new direction. Our personal hope is that Ford will return – it would be
interesting to see where Deckard’s at in his life – but perhaps Scott wants to
take the story down a different path.

One thing we can all but guarantee is that a new Blade Runner
directed by Ridley Scott will be visually breathtaking. The 1982 film is
memorable for a number of reasons (including having like 50 different cuts
floating around…), but the film’s unique look is certainly one of the first
things people think of when it’s mentioned. It’s exciting to imagine what Scott
could do with modern day technology.

While this new take Blade Runner is still lacking information about
a lot of key details, we can’t help but be excited about the prospect of Ridley
Scott coming back to explore this universe. Only time will tell if this film
ever moves into production and eventual release, but for now it’s exhilarating
just to know that there’s serious talk about returning to the world of the
original film.

What do you guys think? What do you want to see in a new Blade
? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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