New Music Project for Taj!

*Ohlum Locati!

I have the distinct privilege to play for two awesome singer/songwriters from the Dayton, Ohio area known as “Frozen Feet”  (Red Cup Records)

 Kristianna Dykes and Chelley Seibert make up this fantasic duo. We had a meeting last week to discuss recording and touring and the feasability of doing so. We’re gonna make it happen!

“Frozen Feet”

Kristianna Dykes and Chelley Seibert make up the band Frozen Feet. The captivating sound of Frozen Feet happens when Kristis acoustic guitar playing, powerful voice and heart felt lyrics are combined with Chelleys remarkable harmony arrangements and commanding percussion style. Performing as a duo or with guest musicians, these girls rock!! and are power packed with great entertainment for all audiences.

Frozen Feet has made several memorable appearances including opening for these headliner acts: *PAT BENATAR, *THE GUESS WHO, *AMERICA, *RARE EARTH,*THE VILLAGE PEOPLE, *BLOOD, SWEAT & TEARS * 1964 THE TRIBUTE * ALICE RIPLEY * VICKI SHAW * SISTER FUNK Frozen Feet has performed at countless venues including: * Madison Square Garden in NYC.

I will keep you posted on our progress. I just love being busy!

Locati Ohlum*


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