Back to the Drawing Board…


Ohlum Locati Y’all~

I’ve been talking with literary agents and publishers and I’m convinced that  though The Black Mau Chronicles is a brilliant idea, I have to take a different approach in it’s presentation. Like what I tell aspiring recording artists in the music business. There are a gazzillion people out there that can sing or play a musical instrument. That doesn’t make them a star What are the elements of making your product something special? What makes you above the cut? What separates the special ones from the status quo?  It’s the presentation of that product. The same holds true for writing the best sci-fi super hero story in the business.

I have found the agent that I want to work with. This agent wants to work with me. This agent, who I consider very reputable, took the time to enlighten me. I’m new to the literary world and I kind of see things through new eyes on a different level.

I’m going to step up my game because I’m gunning for the game that the “Big Boys” are playing in.

So once again, I’m going to rewite the Black Mau Chronicles. the only difference this time is that I have a road map to follow and I know what stops to make along the way.

I will post my progress along the way. So all of you…Stay Tuned!

Locati Ohlum


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