I want to introduce you to more cast members from I.G.L.E.A.^R.E.

 Ohlum Locati!

This is Dr. Raen Jai Singh, She’s a medical doctor specializing in extra-terrestrial medicine. This is a new medical field taught by extra-terrestrial physicians and medical scientist.

Raen has also been recruited to be an Intergalactic law enforcement agent because of her military special forces training. Raen after meeting and being trained personally by JYoti McCaine aka “Bast” in the art of Mauyun (Dance of the Cat), which she adapted to her own martial arts mastery in the Praying Mantis style, which is how she got her handle. Intrigued by the Praying Mantis God Nathifa, Dr. Singh became a Mauist Practioner.


This is Marcus McCaine. He’s the father of Paladin and JYoti McCaine, husband of Ohnmeis. Marcus is the Director of the Intergalactic Law Enforcement Agency over the whole Federated Planetary Alliance. He’s from Los Angeles, CA.

This is Darryl “Phatty” Banks. He was recruited from the Chicago Police and Security Agency. Phatty was instrumental in helping the Black Mau and Bast in resolving the Viscera murders. His partner Bill Mosely was killed by a Viscerian during the case. This just set fuel to his fire in getting the job done. Director Palmer recruited Phatty to join his team.

 These are a few more characters from I.G.L.E.A.^R.E. I’m in the process of outlining my script for the comic/graphic novel, simultaniously working on the second book “Viscera Syndrome”, which introduces some of these characters for the comics. Mind you these are the road map of the characters and not the  final product. Any feed back will be appreciated. Thanks!

Locati Ohlum


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