Introducing Some New Characters for I.G.L.E.A.^R.E.

Ohlum Locati (The traditional Mauist Greeting)

The IGLEA^RE comic/graphic novel is in development. My partner Jing Dizon and myself are developing the first script and characters to cast in key roles. I wanted to share with you some of the rough character sketches that Jing has come up with.

The purpose of this blog is to document my progress and to share with other writers, illustrators, fans of sci-fi, even fans of the Black Mau my stages of development. This is also for me to express my thoughts and feeling about it all. I guess it’s mostly for me.

Anyway, here are a couple of sketches for the comic book by illustrator Jing Dizon.

This is Former President of the United States Michael Palmer. His character first appears in the “Black Mau Chronicles” when Supreme Director, of the Federated Planetary Alliance Uhri Chaitanobi, Commanders Ohnmeis Kling-McCaine and Ving Koval teleport themselves into then president Palmer’s Oval Office to inform him that war is coming and offered their support in helping him fight the Spliftans.

This is Wilemeana Bast in sort of an action pose, but Ms. Bast is a business woman at the highest level. Infact she is a trillionaire industrialist. She is said to be the wealthiest person on the R.E. (Rare Earth).  Now since Rare Earth is part of the Federated Planetary Alliance, Ms. Bast is the IGLEA Liason between IGLEA head quarters in the Ajna Pyramids and Rare Earth. She’s Michael Palmer’s boss.

Wilemeana Bast is an extra terrestrial being, posing as human. Her real name is “Aurali Ithatar” She’s the former Industry and Technology Minister for the Federated Planetary Alliance. She now works closely with Palmer to maintain Law & Order on the R.E.  You can consider Wilemeana Bast a combination of T. Boone Pickens, Steve Jobs and James Bond’s “M”. She’s a complicated woman and excentric and yet brilliant. She is probably the strongest woman I know and tougher than any man I know for sure. This is Wilemeana Bast. Here is a color sketch of Ms. Bast.


The Black Mau and Bast will be appearing in the comic series as well. This will be a fun project so stay tuned!

Locati Ohlum!


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