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Music is Another Passion of Mine

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Ohlum Locati~

I just purchased a $4,000. five string Elrick NJS bass guitar. I was a musician before I became a writer. I’m itching to get back on the road and tour with someone. I purchase a Galllien  Krueger Backline 600 amplifier and a GK Backline 410 BLX-II cabinet. I also have a Crate BX150 for rehearsals. I’m ready to get back out there and perform with a band again. 

I love to perform Rock, Pop and Funk music. I love to listen to Jazz, Classical and R&B. Music is my passion as well as writing.

As far as where I’m at with BMC. I’m still working out the war segment. This is more complex than what I expected. But this segment has to be the very best that I can make it. I can’t slight this book in the least. I have to make it the very best that I can make it!

I hope to develop a fan base. I have taken measures to build my media support outlet and I’m about to relocate. I’ll tell you about that later.

Locati Ohlum!


I just wanted to introduce you all to Jing Dizon

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Ohlum Locati~

Jing is the illustrator for the I.G.L.E.A. series. She’s a beautiful woman, wouldn’t you agree?

Jing is from the Philippines and has become my partner on this venture. I’ve shown some drafts of her work. She”s helping me develop the character’s physical appearance. As you can see, this young woman has plenty of personality! These are a couple of samples of her work.

Back to the Drawing Board…

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Ohlum Locati Y’all~

I’ve been talking with literary agents and publishers and I’m convinced that  though The Black Mau Chronicles is a brilliant idea, I have to take a different approach in it’s presentation. Like what I tell aspiring recording artists in the music business. There are a gazzillion people out there that can sing or play a musical instrument. That doesn’t make them a star What are the elements of making your product something special? What makes you above the cut? What separates the special ones from the status quo?  It’s the presentation of that product. The same holds true for writing the best sci-fi super hero story in the business.

I have found the agent that I want to work with. This agent wants to work with me. This agent, who I consider very reputable, took the time to enlighten me. I’m new to the literary world and I kind of see things through new eyes on a different level.

I’m going to step up my game because I’m gunning for the game that the “Big Boys” are playing in.

So once again, I’m going to rewite the Black Mau Chronicles. the only difference this time is that I have a road map to follow and I know what stops to make along the way.

I will post my progress along the way. So all of you…Stay Tuned!

Locati Ohlum

I want to introduce you to more cast members from I.G.L.E.A.^R.E.

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 Ohlum Locati!

This is Dr. Raen Jai Singh, She’s a medical doctor specializing in extra-terrestrial medicine. This is a new medical field taught by extra-terrestrial physicians and medical scientist.

Raen has also been recruited to be an Intergalactic law enforcement agent because of her military special forces training. Raen after meeting and being trained personally by JYoti McCaine aka “Bast” in the art of Mauyun (Dance of the Cat), which she adapted to her own martial arts mastery in the Praying Mantis style, which is how she got her handle. Intrigued by the Praying Mantis God Nathifa, Dr. Singh became a Mauist Practioner.


This is Marcus McCaine. He’s the father of Paladin and JYoti McCaine, husband of Ohnmeis. Marcus is the Director of the Intergalactic Law Enforcement Agency over the whole Federated Planetary Alliance. He’s from Los Angeles, CA.

This is Darryl “Phatty” Banks. He was recruited from the Chicago Police and Security Agency. Phatty was instrumental in helping the Black Mau and Bast in resolving the Viscera murders. His partner Bill Mosely was killed by a Viscerian during the case. This just set fuel to his fire in getting the job done. Director Palmer recruited Phatty to join his team.

 These are a few more characters from I.G.L.E.A.^R.E. I’m in the process of outlining my script for the comic/graphic novel, simultaniously working on the second book “Viscera Syndrome”, which introduces some of these characters for the comics. Mind you these are the road map of the characters and not the  final product. Any feed back will be appreciated. Thanks!

Locati Ohlum

Introducing Some New Characters for I.G.L.E.A.^R.E.

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Ohlum Locati (The traditional Mauist Greeting)

The IGLEA^RE comic/graphic novel is in development. My partner Jing Dizon and myself are developing the first script and characters to cast in key roles. I wanted to share with you some of the rough character sketches that Jing has come up with.

The purpose of this blog is to document my progress and to share with other writers, illustrators, fans of sci-fi, even fans of the Black Mau my stages of development. This is also for me to express my thoughts and feeling about it all. I guess it’s mostly for me.

Anyway, here are a couple of sketches for the comic book by illustrator Jing Dizon.

This is Former President of the United States Michael Palmer. His character first appears in the “Black Mau Chronicles” when Supreme Director, of the Federated Planetary Alliance Uhri Chaitanobi, Commanders Ohnmeis Kling-McCaine and Ving Koval teleport themselves into then president Palmer’s Oval Office to inform him that war is coming and offered their support in helping him fight the Spliftans.

This is Wilemeana Bast in sort of an action pose, but Ms. Bast is a business woman at the highest level. Infact she is a trillionaire industrialist. She is said to be the wealthiest person on the R.E. (Rare Earth).  Now since Rare Earth is part of the Federated Planetary Alliance, Ms. Bast is the IGLEA Liason between IGLEA head quarters in the Ajna Pyramids and Rare Earth. She’s Michael Palmer’s boss.

Wilemeana Bast is an extra terrestrial being, posing as human. Her real name is “Aurali Ithatar” She’s the former Industry and Technology Minister for the Federated Planetary Alliance. She now works closely with Palmer to maintain Law & Order on the R.E.  You can consider Wilemeana Bast a combination of T. Boone Pickens, Steve Jobs and James Bond’s “M”. She’s a complicated woman and excentric and yet brilliant. She is probably the strongest woman I know and tougher than any man I know for sure. This is Wilemeana Bast. Here is a color sketch of Ms. Bast.


The Black Mau and Bast will be appearing in the comic series as well. This will be a fun project so stay tuned!

Locati Ohlum!

I’d like an opinion from some writers out there…

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Ohlum Locati~

Many publishers say that I write like my stories are movies. I don’t write in movie script form, but I write as though my audience were a witness to the events taking place in my stories. I try to appeal to the reader’s senses and take then on the adventure at hand.
My gut tells me that this is just my writing style. I appeal to other novelist out there to tell me why is this a wrong technique or a wrong way to write? If in deed this is a wrong way to write, but yet I get nominated for writing honors. Go figure?

Help me out here…..Taj

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