The Black Mau story continues….

Ohlum Locati!

It’s funny how ideas just jump around with writing a story. You jump from the future back into the past, back into the future with a different set of relative characters. Then you develop a thread that ties everyone together and many times the characters don’t know one another. It’s kind of like six degrees of separation. Writing makes me feel omnipotent.

This new story is about after Rare Earth becomes part of the Federated Planetary Alliance and the forming of the “Intergalactic Law Enforcement Agency” on Rare Earth. There is a rival agency on Rare Earth and it’s privately owned by a group of billionaires that don’t like co-existing with extraterrestrials.
This group is called the “Extraterrestrial Intelligence Unit”. Their sole purpose is to discredit and make the R.E. a human based planet like it’s predecessor planet Earth. This will be fun to write. I will keep you posted.



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