Finally finished:

The “Black Mau Chronicles” is finally finished. What I have decided to do separate the two volumes and volume two will be the first book published. My friends at TAO consultants will do the editing for me. They will publish it as an e-book. The Book will just be called the “Black Mau Chronicles”. “Society of the Secret Mau” will be next, which will cover The Mau Jabbari story and how he became the God Lisimba for the Ajnaese Mauist order.

So, what I want to share with you today is the synopsis and the first chapter.

Synopsis: Mysterious and reclusive the publically elusive trillionairess Wilemeana Bast narrates the story of what happened to planet earth after the “Spliftan War”. Her new controversial book “Absolute Realm: An Undisputed Truth”, left many of its readers confused, a confirmation for most and other’s in disbelief.
Chapter 1

The audience was gathered to witness a very rare and personal appearance by the elusive and reclusive Trillionaire Industrialist Wilemeana Bast, who is believed to be the richest person on Rare Earth. Ms. Bast’s appearance at Washington, New District of Columbia’s most prestigious Millville Amphitheater is due to the limited release of her new book entitled “ABSOLUTE REALM (An Undisputed Truth)”, which the audience of 17,000 would receive free as part of their gift package for attending the $150. per ticket priced event. Many wanted to witness the one time appearance of Wilemeana Bast’s most theatrical lecture based on the contents of the book. Some came out of curiosity as to what this eccentric trillionairess looked like, others came out of fear and confusion and the most of them came to hear what many believed to be the truth. People didn’t know if this woman was human or extraterrestrial? Maybe the answers to their questions would be confirmed on this night or in reading “Absolute Realm”.

The media buzz surrounding the book and the event had been hyped for nine months prior. The book is rumored to tell the truth of what happened to them and the Planet Earth as they knew it. A spokesman for Bast said that Ms. Bast would reveal all, because it was time that the story of it all be told and that she was qualified to tell it…Therein lays the question of Ms. Bast’s mystique. One, what makes this trillionaire industrialist qualified to tell such a tale and two, why is it she that is telling it?

20th century band Earth Wind and Fire’s song “In the Stone” was playing through the theater’s public address system as introductory music cued for Ms. Bast. Blue and red flood lights lit the floor of the stage and a white cloud mist covered the floor. The single white spotlight
illuminated stage left of center as the music played.
Rising to stage level through the fog mist was a woman tall and slender covered in garments representing her own unique style. A head dress of glittering platinum, not so much a hat as it was a crown. The sheer wrap around scarves coming from the head dress framed her face and wrapped around her bosom into a sleeveless, backless black dress accented with a sheer platinum midriff with glittering Baccarat Crystals. She wore her signature sun shades. This pair of sun shades with rose colored lenses, which perfectly matched a few of the light reflecting crystals in her dress. She undoubtedly looked like the richest woman on Rare Earth. Then she spoke… in her low even tone “Good Evening and Ohlum Locati, (the Mauist greeting). I’m Wilemeana Bast.” The thunderous and ambient roar of the crowd filled the theater. As the applause died down she said “Thank you for having me here.” The crowd applauded again. She raised her hands to quiet them and they gradually silenced. “I want to tell you all a story and every word of it is true. I know that when I am finished here you’ll have questions. We aren’t going to have a Q&A after this. That wouldn’t be realistic. But you can find most of your answers at the website… Just then a 3D holographic image of a cobalt blue ball of light with the web address in red orbiting it appeared out of thin air. It hung in the air for a few seconds then disappeared as quickly as it appeared. The website is also listed in the book. The rest of the answers you’ll find within yourselves. I’m going to attempt to tell you this remarkable truth so that you’ll understand the whole picture of your new found state of being and … perhaps the reason why?”

Her story began… as she and live action three dimensional holographic images appeared center stage illustrating as she spoke… “The Galaxy Wars of 3026 Myurrian Calendar years, were about the controlling of wealth, technology and inter-galactic cleansing. The war initiated by a group of interplanetary terrorist called Spliftans. Their planet was destroyed in the war, much like many of the other planets were. The Spliftans were fighting to conquer planets with a weak defense, rich resources, bountiful sustenance and technology. The Spliftans wanted to gain control of the Galactic Empire. They sought to attack and dominate the rumored planet of Ajna. It was believed that this planet held many mysteries. This is “thee” planet… in which the Spliftans had to infiltrate and control at any cost. Ajna is the planet which held the mythical, metaphysical and spiritual secrets of the multiverse. One was the great secret which creates all life, Neo Genesis and another, the secret of the Multiversal Veil. The Veil was believed to be the doorway into other worlds, galaxies and dimensions.

The planet’s existence was just mere myth until an archaeological artifact was found. It was believed to be the proof Ajna did exist. The proof was a metal plate type object, smoke gray in color and smooth as glass, with the mythological Ajnaese hierology embossed on the plate. It seemed also to have been damaged. A fairly good sized impression of a claw seemed to have marred the smooth finish of the object and its texture. No one could determine the base properties of this metal artifact. The object was found among some artifacts said to be thousands of years old. Those artifacts were found with the bodies of two operatives of the Ajnaese government who were assigned to secure and destroy the object in question.

Tests were run on this artifact by Spliftan scientist and it couldn’t be cut or melted. When it was put under extreme heat and the object didn’t get hot. They tried freezing it and the artifact wouldn’t get cold. Its temperature remained constant. I never knew what the artifact was, until many years later. The artifact was actually a sealed tevlar valise. Tevlar is a metal composed by ancient Ajnaese Alchemist. It is said to be the strongest substance in the multiverse. The valise was believed to be sealed by Mau the Great himself or as we of the Mauist order call him “The Lisimba”, which means “The Great Lion”. It bore his mark. This information was passed down to me from people who were in the Galaxy War, who were witnesses to these events. No one from our present day could have ever realized that the contents of that valise would be developed into the bio weapon that it became….You see…this is the true story of how a federated alliance was formed among people, all of them different, from different worlds, different backgrounds, different races of beings and how through all of these differences, they became one conscience and one mind. It’s about the challenges of trying to maintain that balance and the forces set against them. The rumored planet of Ajna was said to be the first formed. Many throughout the galaxy believed the elusive and transitory planet of Ajna contained the secrets of the Universe, maybe even the Multiverse? Others believed Ajna was the source of all things created…and this my friends is the legend of Ajna.

The Spliftans, in their search of Ajna attacked other planets, seeking information, taking slaves, draining the natural and technological resources for their own selfish use. When they accomplished that, they would kill some of the slaves for food because the food supply was very low. They also had no further use for them, until…… place in time, a huge orb shaped vessel made its appearance known. The vessel was large and its girth stretched as far wide and high as the eyes could see. The vessel totally lit up the darkened space because of its bright, fiery yellow glow. It appeared suddenly between the Spliftan and Allied combatants. The vessel never engaged fire, but seemed to absorb any fire against it. The sight of this humongous vessel put fear into the Spliftan forces and they retreated. Some of the Allied forces retreated as well, but near forty percent of the Allied Forces remained. The count was 69,609 star ships, cargo ships and fighter cruisers total that entered into the Arck for protection after receiving the call telepathically… “Enter now and begin anew”. Then the orb vanished.

The new refugees, were of all races and species of people, but were very confused about what just happened to them. They couldn’t tell if they were inside the orb or not? They could see the dark sky filled with stars and the two moons clearly. It was an absolutely beautiful scene, serene and peaceful. There were no Spliftan military to be found. They also saw a lone planet in the distance, of blue, red and yellow with vertical and horizontal rings orbiting around the globe. These were energy masses of various types encompassing this colorful little planet.

The face of a bald man with skin the color of fine mahogany and piercing green eyes, with a voice that resonated like thunder on the 69,609 vessel’s telecommunications systems. As his holographic 3D image appeared on screen, he cleared his throat…“Greetings Allied Forces. It just took a minute to calibrate all of your various languages and dialects into the system, but I think that we have it now. I am Uhri Chaitanobi. I’m the spokesman for the Ajnaese people. We are a peaceful people and we are here to help you start over. Most of you are now homeless; your home planets have been destroyed. Many of your family and friends have been killed because of the Galaxy War. This is your opportunity to begin anew! The planet that you see ahead is Ajna.” He chuckled…. “We do exist and we are a very real people. On your guidance system’s screen are the coordinates for locations where you are to be briefed and questions answered. I bid you welcome and good luck!” said Chaitanobi.
The orb, which came to be known as the “Arck of Ajna”, was built by a little known tribe of people called the Balcar Clan. No one knew much about them because they were hidden, reclusive and elusive. Stories of them were mythological legend. One sect of this tribe perfected the science of cloaking and other mysteries. The Balcar inhabited the planet called Ajna and were a great society of meta-physicist, alchemist, scientist and mystics. The most revered tribe among the Ajnaese people were the Nukujin Clan. They are considered The Lisimba’s chosen people, because they are said to be his direct descendants. These are the Maus…the Cat People. Some of them were monks and warriors; others were just citizens though out the planet. Though there were many religions practiced on Ajna, the Mauist religion was the most prominent.

Within the Arck vessel, twenty seasons passed. By the year 3046 the societal infrastructure was built. Six planets were created near Ajna, all within 20,000 miles or greebits. This is how the United Colonies came to be. The Ajnaese helped the refugees build new lives and societies. When they were about to announce to the six colony planets that they were leaving and that their work was done…The colonies insisted that the Ajnaese be part of the union. With great debate and consideration the Ajnaese eventually agreed and accepted to be part of this union. The Ajnaese thinking is that maybe it’s time to open their planetary borders to others. This made them realize that quite possibly, there is strength in the many. The Ajnaese sealed the union with an energy field. This gave it their orbit and its own galaxy of stars, sun and moons. This provided all seven planets with their energy source. The Arck was designed to be a technological cocoon that sustained life as well as made conditions favorable to create it. The Arck also kept anything out of its environment not desired.

The environment that was created was actually an experiment that proved successful to the Ajnaese. This was good…The physicists called this process “Neo-G” or “Neo-Genesis” (The New Life). Neo-Genesis created the six planets which were hidden within the Arck. Then the Arck vessel dissipated into cosmic dust.

The United Planetary Colonies, as it was called then….. The year was 3059. The Colonies were made up of the seven planets, whose orbit in relation to one another resembled the five points of the Great Pyramid. Pyramids are very important in the culture of the people of Ajna. Many of their homes were pyramid styled dwellings. Pyramids are a conduit of ambient energy. All seven of the planets were linked by the energy of their orbit.

These planetary colonies are the home and foundation of what became known as the seven great tribes. This is a rebuilding or more accurately a building of a new society, a new world. The seven tribes now considered themselves one great interplanetary territory, one colony with seven equal parts. The planets are Sahasrara, Ajna, Visshuda, Anahata, Manipura, Svadhisthana and Muladhara. These seven planets would be considered small, but they each work as one functioning unit. Each of the tribes on each planet, planet sectors and sector cities bring special capabilities to the whole and this is how the then called United Colonies survived.

The Colonies were respected throughout the galaxy. They helped the other planetary refugees build space stations and communes. Trade relations were established with these new communes, but the Colonies kept their borders closed to outsiders. This group of small planets were also known collectively as the “Ajna Pyramid” because of the way that the planets were alligned in relation to one another. The governing planet called “Sahasrara” is where the High Council, made from all of the leaders of the seven tribes convened. The United Colonies also has a “Director General, who governed each planet. “The Supreme Director” or “Premier”, sometimes addressed as “The Supreme” (these titles are interchangeable) who’s the Chief Executive of all seven the colonies or planets.

The Supreme Director’s name is Bulbin Ang. Ang is a good man. Bulbin Ang was born Ajnaese from the Sangpai Sector. He was tall with lightly tanned skin and black hair with a white blaze top center. He wore his hair in a long braid that was down his back. Though he was 230 years old he didn’t look a day over 60 by Earth standards and was considered still a very young man by many of the elders whose ages range up into thousand plus years.

Supreme Director Ang was considered a very handsome man with violet eyes that are engaging and intense when he looked at you. You always had the feeling that when he was speaking at a public event or viewed on holo-screen that he was speaking directly to you. The public felt that he genuinely cared for their highest good. Ang was elected to office in a landslide victory in 3060. The election is held every ten years for the Supreme Director and Director Generals. Both can be fired at anytime if the people petition it and if there are enough signatures. The petition then goes to the High Council for review then the decision is made.

(3063): Bulbin Ang delivered his “State of the Colonies Address” and announced that “Today is monumental and a festive occasion, because I am proud to officially announce that legislation has passed and that the United Colonies have been renamed the “Federated Planetary Alliance”. The FPA was very strong economically and very organized militarily. The natural resources were plentiful…

Ms. Bast turned to the bar stool behind her and retrieved bottled water…”I feel a bit parched. She sipped from the bottle. How is everyone doing, everyone still with me? (The crowd roars) I’d like to take a moment to thank Dalziel of Illusions, Light, Magic and Sound for the awesome holographic imaging design. She’s expensive but worth every penny!” The audience applauded. She continued…Live action holographic images appeared.

© 2010 Taj Sonchai-The Black Mau Chronicles:


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