I’m Back!

Olum locati~ (Mauist Greeting)

Sorry that I’ve neglected this site. I’m seriously trying to get “The Black Mau Chronicles: Society of the Secret Mau” finished. I’ve had a lot of obstacles get in my way as of late. My father, we call him “Pops” has been ill and I just recently got out of the hospital myself. So, I’m trying to get focused again but it’s kind of hard at the moment. Even to write on this blog takes a certain amount of discipline.

I haven’t been totally idle. I’ve created four new characters that are unique and very, very cool.  All of my “A” list characters will have stories and possibly books of their own outside of Black Mau, but the cool thing is they will all interact at some point, maybe even team up on occasion.

The main thing I want to do is have fun and create. That’s what tis is about for me as a writer. I’m slowly getting back into music. I just purchased a new bass amp. It really kicks ass! Gallien Krueger. I want to buy a bass the music man “Bongo” five string. I’m saving my pennies. When I was touring with Robin Stone www.shelovesyourecords.com I got the name “Buddah of Bass”. I want all to know that the “Buddah of Bass” will be back as well.

I’m also working on an independent film with a great screen writer and director Robert W. Kerr and his company “Loud Terrain Films”. I have to keep a lid on the details. But it’s  going to be a very suspenseful drama.

That’s about all that I have to report at this time. I’ll try and do better at keeping up with this blog.

~Taj out


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