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I’m working on a short story for Sci-Fi Talk:

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Olum Locate…

Many things in the news have really been getting under my skin, especially the news about children and women being abducted, beaten, raped and thrown out like yesterdays garbage.  I guess guys get snatched too, but I’m sorry to say that men being abducted doesn’t affect me quite the same way as it does with kids and women. These sick and violating crimes affect me deeply. My stepson was abducted when he was a baby by the baby sitter’s boyfriend. It’s a blessing that he was found and returned safely. The story made the news and my family is grateful for all the support that was given during that time.

So…This story will introduce a new character into my BMC Multiverse.  Her name is Dalziel. She is a product of  foster care and Child Protective Services system. Some High School kids found her in the woods as they were taking a short cut home from school. She was an infant then and was perfectly healthy when they found her.

She was a gifted child and graduated High School in her early teens.  She went to college to study performing arts and stage production at a college in Frederick, MD.  Dalziel was a pretty good singer, so she also minored in voice and piano. Dalziel had a part-time job at the local Walgreen’s near the campus. One day while she was on her way home from work, books and computer in her back pack…she was abducted.

I dedicate this story to my stepson, whom shall remain nameless and all those who have been taken against their will….Oh, did I forget to mention that Dalziel is a special young woman?  Lets just say that the best that her abductors will be able to hope for is to be able to sleep at night… if ever again.



Black Mau Chronicle Update:

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Olum Locate…well…here I am again. So this  what  I have decided to do. This BMC project is is progressing, but I’m going to reformat the book. To intertwine two large stories together will be way to confusing for the reader. I’m all about simplicity. So if  I can’t merge two stories together seamlessly the only thing to do is tell both stories separately, but withn  the same book. Two volumes in one book.  A volume  one and two. Mau’s  story must be told. I have 63,00 words to edit.  I’m in a town near Chicago called Peking, IL. Working on this book now.

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