I’m almost done!

I have lost count on the number re-writes I’ve done for the first chronicle, “Black Mau Chronicles:Society of the Secret Mau”, but it’s coming together nicely. The continuity is in sync. The character dialogue is more developed. I’ve even put new changes from my original manuscript and storyline, I even introduced a couple of new characters, which will be in other chronicles and other related series. I’m beginning to be happy with it.

I’m also developing a graphic novel, which will feature “The Black Mau” and his sister JYoti “The Cat” McCaine. The graphic novel is called I.G.L.E.A. ^RE. There will be more details on that forth coming. I.G.L.E.A.^RE will be a fun project. I.G.L.E.A. stands for Intergalactic Law Enforcement Agency and the RE stands for Rare Earth (The New Planet).



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