SF Thriller Digital Transition

“Digital Transition”

The world leaders have always known of the existence of aliens. Due to our lack of technology they’ve been sending analog signals for years. A computer hacker by the name of John French will hack into the CIA’s main frame computer and discover these encoded messages and so much more.

A secret U.S. agency by the name of “CORE” has a program called “The Eye of SETI” using the Hubble Telescope and SETI to be the eyes and ears of space. An underground group by the name of “PAGS” plans to use Stacey Berlack, the hacker’s cousin, by sending her stolen government encoded messages to find out the meaning by decoding them. The last message that she decodes mentions the aliens are under attack by a more savage alien species and the planet was being destroyed and that Earth is in their path of destruction. The message said they would try to send one more analog signal with information that could save us and the planet. The only problem is the 2009 world wide digital conversion; the analog signal may end up being blocked. Discovered for having these secrets, she has to move fast because a rogue CIA agent is out to kill her. Along the way Stacy will have to learn how to trust strangers and question the loyalty of her friends.

Visit their site at http://www.pehjproductions.net


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