Self Publishing?

I’m researching self publishing. I have a few self publishing companies contacting me about signing with them. I don’t know? They have interesting packages,but to me it seems like it’s all about the money. the sales people just want to make their quota for the month. I don’t like that. They are on me like a hobo on a hotdog man, and it just dosen’t quite feel right.

I’ve been looking at sites like create space and LuLu. At least they don’t chase you and tell you all sorts of good things about a book that they really haven’t read.

If there is anyone who knows about self publishing I’d like to hear your experience.




5 Responses to “Self Publishing?”

  1. When you self-publish, how will you make money from your book? Isn’t it better to go with a real publishing company that will do the work of promotion, etc? I don’t think I’d ever self-publish personally, because it seems like too much work.

    • Self Publishing is basically to get your name out there. Kind of like promoting and independent CD for a musician.

      You just have to have a plan when you do it and take advantage of the opportunities that may come.

  2. Hi Taj.
    No matter what, you’re going to get what you pay for.
    I went with iUniverse and spent a good amount of money, but I knew that the chances of making it all back on my own was slim. I’ve had pretty good sales and meet a lot of people, the latter of which is the real goal: to get my name out there and maybe attract a traditional publisher with my second novel.
    Another long shot? Perhaps. But at least I tried.
    I’m currently writing a blog series called ‘Adventures in Self-Publishing’. Feel free to check it out.

  3. Hi Taj,

    All companies have their own share of good and bad raps. Layout all your possibilities and carefully plan about your marketing strategy. Before working with a self-publishing company, do your initiative to do little research about the company. can help you verify a certain company’s performance. (check this out if you have time) I suggest you continue reading self-publishing news. God bless!

  4. I’m about to self publish my own first Sci-Fi novel, so I know the struggle you are having. Let me just say– it’s about the journey more than being about the destination. There are people building a following doing this, but you’re right it’s a lot of work. The more you grow & learn the more money you make. But it seems to take alot of work & self promotion. If that’s not for you, you probably shouldn’t self publish.

    P.S. I was guided here by a mutual friend (Ms. Sheri Crowe) my book webste is &. The Facebook Fan page is Thanks!

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