“Bush II and Obama discuss Area 51”

Obama: What’s going on at Area 51?

Bush: (In a low whisper) Alright, here’s the situation. We captured this alien who claims to be an emissary of some galactic warlord called the…er…er…Vindicator.

Obama: Interesting. What’s the Intel on this Vindicator?

Bush: Well, according to what that alien told us the Vindicator is the baddest mofo this side of the galaxy. He’s supposed to be leading a bunch o’ warships called the Black Ship Armada. And, here’s the weird part: he’s been in contact with a human named Ronald T. Jones.

Obama: Ronald T. Jones…that name sounds vaguely familiar. The idea of a potential alien threat being in contact with a human is…disturbing.

Bush: But that ain’t the strangest part…this alien is suggesting that the Vindicator and Ronald T. Jones are the same person.

Obama: (crinkling his brow) I don’t understand. How can they be one person if one is here on Earth and the other is in outer space somewhere?

Bush: (looking weary) I don’t know. The alien says he heard rumors,, one that he tends to believe more than others…but that problem’s outta my hands now. I had the alien transferred to Guantanimo when you’re ready to interrogate ‘im.

Obama: Gitmo? You had a member of an alien species transferred to Gitmo?

Bush: (looking slightly confused) Uh…yeah. You might want to pick up this Ronald T. Jones as well.

Obama: (in a dubious tone) Thank you, George.

Bush: You’re welcome, Barack. Now, what say we grab a slice o’ my wife’s famous apple pie. Then we’ll discuss nucler prolifa…ation.

Obama: Uh…you mean nuclear proliferation.

Bush: That’s what I said. Come on. (Bush stands up and leads the president-elect out of the room.)


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