Who is Taj Sonchai and why should I care?


Taj Sonchai creator of “The Black Mau Chronicles”. The series was created in 2007 when Taj, a professional touring musician decided that he wanted another creative outlet. He felt that the life of a musician on the road was becoming a disenchantment for him and he wanted to slow life down a bit and tell a compelling fictional story that has been on his mind for several years. Then “The Black Mau Chronicles” were born.

The third book, which is a novella, the first to be published in “Vicious Writer’s” Magazine. The story is called “The Black Mau Chronicles: (The Lothario)”.  It’s about a bi-species intergalactic investigator, tracker and Mauyun member, JYoti “The Cat” McCaine and FBI Special Agent Polux Troi, who team up for a second time to solve a new series of murders that were thought to be solved two years prior. The new twist is the unsub leaves a gruesome message in the victim’s blood signed “The Lothario”. This action packed short story has hints of “Star Wars” meets “Blade Runner”.

The first book is called “The Black Mau Chronicles: (Society of the Secret Mau)”.This book tells the story of how everything came to be. This book has hints of “The Davinci Code”, again “Blade Runner”, “Star Wars”, “Beauty and the Beast” and a teenie weenie bit of the story of Noah’s Ark”.

This book is about origins, about JYoti’s family and her twin brother Paladin, who is actually “The Black Mau”. He is the leader of the Mauyun Clan. In this story Planet Earth doesn’t quite make it…

The second book is “The Black Mau Chronicles (The Viscera Syndrome)”, which is the prequel to “The Lothario”. Dealing with an alien virus that was unleashed in a Chicago hotel as an intergalactic terrorist strike. This leaves its victim’s genetic disposition altered and turns them into cannibals. The Black Mau, JYoti The Cat and Polux Troi team up to fight “Viscerian” cult leader Doctor Jiles Mokatari and his man eating family.

Now…a little about the author; I’m just a simple Buddhist man with a child’s heart and imagination. I appreciate the real heroes of the world like President Obama, Dr. King, Ghandi (both of them), and Ali, especially Ali. He is a rebel much like me. The thing with Ali is when it came down to the wire he had the nads to back his stuff up. The dude has character, even in his silence. I guess that he said enough for one life time, huh? But this thing isn’t about Ali, It’s about me. OK… Well like I said, I have a child’s imagination. I have a real passion for the heroes that live in my head. This allows me to escape to a place in my head that I call my “Fantasy Palace”. In this place I’ve created a world with some pretty colorful characters. This world is the Federated Planetary Alliance. It is where the McCaine family resides for the most part when they’re not on Earth or “Rare Earth” as it is now called.

I write as a conduit for creation. Mankind is creating all of the time from babies to machines to art. I create a form of art. God is the creator of creation and all things. In my world of Sci-Fi, I create worlds, dilemmas, catastrophes, harmony and bliss. This is the closest I’ll be able to come to being God. Again, in my eyes to emulate him as creator is the ultimate form of worship.



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